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Gonna build a house

Let’s pretend. Say you came to me and said that your family wanted a new house. And that you were contracting me and my firm of experienced architects and house-builders to do the job. And oh, you say, could we … Continue reading

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One step beyond

What did I really think when I made the decision to leave the lab and pursue a career using my other skills? To be honest, I don’t really know. I don’t really remember. “It seemed a good idea at the … Continue reading

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On why

The other morning, between about 7.30 and 8.45, I had a long, involved and very realistic dream. In it, I visited the MRC LMB in Cambridge, to discover that it had been partly rebuilt into a modern, if not downright … Continue reading

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What’s yours called?

(This is a repost from the GranularIT Blog.) I couldn’t stand it no more. After my latest timelapse experiment (a frame every minute for three days; over 3 GB of photos), not to mention mucking around with stop-motion, I decided … Continue reading

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On writing

I’ve heard it said there’s no such thing as ‘bricklayer’s block’. The argument goes that bricklayers lay bricks, that pilots (say) fly, and that writers write. For those of us lucky enough to be paid to put one word after … Continue reading

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On site

Just checking in. Unfortunately, I’m not staying at the US Grant in San Diego but I am involved in the output of what went on here: Back in London on Wednesday, I think.

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