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Waste not, want not

Discussion of ‘waste’ in both higher education and scientific research seems to keep popping up in my life. Both in Science Question Time (from August 24th) and in some comments here on Occam’s Typewriter posts by both Jenny Rohn and … Continue reading

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The New College of Humanities; is this the future?

This morning I read about The New College of Humanities (NCH) ; or rather before I read about the New College of the Humanities, I read alot of RTs on Twitter about the BBC article on New College of the … Continue reading

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Increased student fees are not the erosion of a welfare state

But rather an opportunity.. fee increases can be beneficial to both students AND universities if done the right way Student fees are set to increase from around £3,290 to, maybe, as the Browne report recommended, up to £14,000…. So many … Continue reading

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The mythology of funding – moving UK universities into the real world

I have a bunch of American friends who describe themselves at Italian-Americans, mostly because they have a somewhat recent relative from Italy and they have, through this relation, some sort of connection with this ‘old world’ Italy, which usually contains … Continue reading

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China is becoming more progressive than the UK

So China just announced it is opening up its trade and (slowly) letting the Yuan float free – previously they have kept the Yuan fixed against the dollar, in part, to make exports to other countries cheap. This, I think, … Continue reading

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Ivory towers, science and society

why it takes all kinds Ok it appears there is no more money – I mean science, research, business innovation, technology and higher education money, where both the US and the UK governments are making cuts. (see my previous post) … Continue reading

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Do we really need another sputnik before we do something?

Do you like your mobile phone? Do you like the fact that you can use the world wide web to connect with your friends? do you like using your iphone when you sit on a delayed train? Yes? Than why … Continue reading

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