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Under the microscope

This week I attended ‘Circling the Square’ – a conference on science, science communication and science policy at the University of Nottingham (lovely Campus – well worth a visit). I certainly felt in the minority being a physical scientist rather … Continue reading

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Spotting bad science – is it really so easy?

On the Interwebs – I have seen several links to this helpful PDF on How to spot bad science – a rough guide. Learning how to sniff out bad science – or really bad science reporting which is what this … Continue reading

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Scientific road maps for the future – proceed with caution.

I spent the last week at the ICNS (International Conference of Neutron Scattering) in Edinburgh. This particular conference is only held every 4 years – bouncing back and forth between North America, Europe and Oceania. It is particularly fun, when … Continue reading

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Enough with the criticism already

Ever wonder why scientists are odd? For the record, I don’t think scientists are really odd, any more than any group of people can be called ‘odd’, as Micheal Crichton said ‘in my experience scientists are very human people.’ Leaving … Continue reading

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To equate or not to equate

One of our jobs, working in academia, is giving talks. I don’t mean teaching, but rather presenting research. Lately I have had a spate of talks to give, largely as a result of being new in my Department. My research … Continue reading

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Communication, communication, communication

Alice Bell wrote a provocative piece in Times Higher Education, ‘Wider open spaces’, where she calls for science communication to be MORE open, rather than just opening access to specialist journals. The open access ‘movement’ (for lack of a better … Continue reading

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Received Wisdom – Who do you trust?

Science met the Media on Tuesday at the Royal Institution. It was an interesting event where science journalism was discussed between scientists and journalists. To me, the discussion was mostly journalists talking to journalists – more than scientists and journalists, … Continue reading

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Science Funding cuts are political not a reflection of elitist science

In the US and the UK governments are making or threatening science education and funding cuts, is that partly the fault of scientists being ‘elitist’ ? Today is the first day of the new Republican Majority Congress in the US … Continue reading

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It’s not about you, its about the data!

Or why I think the passive voice is actually GOOD for science There are advocates of ‘plain language for scientists’ for example Harvard Health blogs who suggest Med journals should write more like Micheal Crichton and Evidence Soup who wants … Continue reading

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