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Spotting bad science – is it really so easy?

On the Interwebs – I have seen several links to this helpful PDF on How to spot bad science – a rough guide. Learning how to sniff out bad science – or really bad science reporting which is what this … Continue reading

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It is damn hard to admit you are wrong

And I don’t mean when you get the facts unequivocally wrong like in a pub quiz, you kind of have to say you were wrong when you find out Sylvia Plath wrote the Bell Jar after you claimed it was … Continue reading

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Facts shmacts

in support of Dr. Goldacre… There is a recent controversy between Ben Goldacre and Jeremy Laurance concerning Goldacre’s ‘attack’ on health journalists. Laurance, doesn’t like it, and one of the points he brings up is that Goldacre doesn’t know the … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumber: the mismeasure of women

Oh no here we go again.. Every 5 – 10 years the good old IQ debate comes up…. and usually some minority comes out on bottom, women, African-Americans – yet no one ever asks themselves why is it that White … Continue reading

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