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Blog June

Apparently BlogJune is a thing. I’d not heard of it before – it’s a challenge to blog every day in June – or as often as you can manage, or comment on someone else’s blog every day The first part … Continue reading

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Ludwig Guttmann

This is mainly a plug for my first foray onto Occam’s Corner,┬áplus a place to list some of the sources of information that I used, and to tell the story of the chase for a missing document. I feel quite … Continue reading

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Collecting, connecting, communicating

Librarians collect stuff. To collect is one of the most important verbs in the librarian’s instruction manual. Probably the next most important is to categorise. There is a connection between these two. We do not collect randomly but with a … Continue reading

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Is this a post?

Today is a special day on Occams Typewriter. One year ago the site burst onto the blogosphere. I had an idea to write a witty history of Occams Typewriter in the form of a Christmas carol, but I didn’t have … Continue reading

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The importance of the ephemeral

I was given a new digital radio for Christmas, and now have radios installed in every room of my flat, meaning I can listen to my beloved Radio 4 wherever I am. This morning I was interested to hear John … Continue reading

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Trading places

I started blogging on Nature Network in August 2008 but this will be my last post here. I am grateful to Nature Network for helping to get me started with blogging. I started as a reader and occasional commenter here, … Continue reading

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Patience please!

I am just getting started on OT. Please be patient for a day or two.

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My Science Online London 2010 impressions

I attended the Science Online London 2010 conference (SOLo10) last week. There is a round-up of post-conference reports elsewhere on Nature Network.  This word cloud by Simon Cockell gives an idea of the key themes.  My personal highlights are below, … Continue reading

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Last month I attended an interesting and lively discussion at the City University about science journalism. On my way home I opened the book I was reading at the time and saw the the following: In the world of financial … Continue reading

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More able type

I like to think of myself as a more able type of fellow – though with a growing tendency to be helpless, especially when it comes to hardware malfunctions. I reckon I should be able to figure out new versions … Continue reading

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