Trading places

I started blogging on Nature Network in August 2008 but this will be my last post here.
I am grateful to Nature Network for helping to get me started with blogging. I started as a reader and occasional commenter here, then started going to the regular Nature Network meetings in London and met some of the other bloggers and contributors to Natre Network, as well as the indefatigable M@ Brown. He first encouraged me to think about starting a blog but it wasn’t until I registered for the Science Blogging conference in September 2008 that I decided I had better start a blog of my own so as not to feel a bit of a fraud!
Nature Network is a good community of readers and bloggers, and I have made a number of online friends here. I am grateful for the support from M@, Lou and the rest of the NN team, and for all the other Nature editors who have contributed and commented here.
The time has come though for me to move on. From today the home of Trading Knowledge is at Occam’s Typewriter, where you can also find some other NN regulars.

About Frank Norman

I am a retired librarian. I spent 40 years working in biomedical research libraries.
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