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Copy – right or wrong?

Copying is entwined with technology, and ideas about copyright have changed as technology changes. In the days of stone tablets I don’t think many people worried about copyright. The invention of pen and ink (see this lovely brief history of … Continue reading

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Cooking up the future

I have always enjoyed cooking, but my skills are limited. I can identify ingredients that I like and that I think will work well together, particularly favouring unexpected combinations. I can prepare these ingredients appropriately, but then I will put … Continue reading

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Publish and be jailed

I read an interesting account of the recent arrest of a research chemist in the USA. Chemical and Engineering News reports the case of Ke-xue Huang, a former Dow AgroSciences employee, who was arrested by the FBI for “theft of … Continue reading

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Copyright, data and research

I have written on copyright before. It is one of those things that are important but very hard to raise much enthusiasm about. Praise is due therefore to the British Library for their latest effort. They have just released a … Continue reading

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