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Advanced photo technology

I do love the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, but when it comes to stories about science and technology or popular culture the presenters can be exasperating. This morning John Humphrey kept calling Philae the “Mars explorer” and seemingly … Continue reading

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M and S

I am back at work after a three-week break. I had a good holiday, visiting Manila and Singapore.  I really managed to switch off, totally ignoring the temptation to look at my email or Twitter. The part of my brain … Continue reading

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A fruitful New Year

In England we don’t have much in the way of colourful New Year traditions. The Scots famously make more of the season, which they call Hogmanay, but in England the traditional choices are: Go out to a pub and get … Continue reading

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Righting authorship wrongs

I had never heard of Dalton Trumbo until today, and I daresay you haven’t heard of him either. He was a member of the “Hollywood Ten,” which was a group of writers and directors who were blacklisted after being deemed … Continue reading

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Numbers that limit us

The first big number that I remember learning about was Avogadro’s number, N, which is 6.022 x 1023 and represents the number of molecules in one gram-molecule of oxygen. My first chemistry teacher at school, Mr Horkan, was Russian-born and … Continue reading

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A tour of Kings Cross / St Pancras

One of the sessions at Science Online London this year was about “offline communities in online networking“.  There are all kinds of groups around that either started as online groups or that use online tools to organise themselves and gain … Continue reading

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News can be very odd sometimes

Three news stories this week made my jaw drop, my eyes widen, and my reservoirs of mirth overflow (though not all at once). Maybe they shouldn’t make me laugh but these stories are just rather odd. Rome earthquake The BBC … Continue reading

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The importance of the ephemeral

I was given a new digital radio for Christmas, and now have radios installed in every room of my flat, meaning I can listen to my beloved Radio 4 wherever I am. This morning I was interested to hear John … Continue reading

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Hurtling towards Christmas

We are speeding towards 25 December, being sucked inexorably into the black hole of Christmas – that infinite mass of festivity and self-indulgence that you can only escape from if you are equipped with the Scrooge-on factor. Usually I like … Continue reading

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Confusing icons

In the good old days of Windows 3.1 I used to just have one or two web pages open at a time – sometimes more if I was feeling daring. Now I seem to have about 20 tabs in my … Continue reading

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