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Customer relations

Journal publishers are more interested in librarians than they ever used to be. The move to e-journals and big deals has changed the balance between individual and institutional  subscriptions, making libraries more important to publishers than, say, fifteen years ago. … Continue reading

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Library Camp UK 2012

The creative energy unleashed by an unconference is a wonderful thing. I attended LibCamp2012 recently and was surprised that a disparate bunch of people can self-assemble such a varied and interesting programme, all in one day. I went to the … Continue reading

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A snapshot of our collection – history

Earlier this month I hosted a meeting of CHILL. It is a group of independent health libraries which meets three times a year in the premises of one or other of the members. The meetings are an opportunity to share … Continue reading

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Collecting, connecting, communicating

Librarians collect stuff. To collect is one of the most important verbs in the librarian’s instruction manual. Probably the next most important is to categorise. There is a connection between these two. We do not collect randomly but with a … Continue reading

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Library Day in the Life – weekly round up

Last year I took part in Library Day in the Life (#libday7). For one week I wrote a daily post on Google+ about what I had done during the day, and an end-of-week round-up. I enjoyed the experience and the … Continue reading

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The Royal Society Library

Librarians love to snoop round other libraries, looking for new ideas and taking inspiration from different institutions and their collections. I must confess that sometimes I find such visits a bit tedious but I really enjoyed my latest visit. Last … Continue reading

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A week in the Library

From time to time people ask me what I do all day. Sometimes it’s school students spending a week with us on work experience who do the asking, sometimes it’s my boss at my annual appraisal, sometimes it’s just random … Continue reading

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Out, out damned print!

We all like to grumble about Safety Departments. They are a wonderful source of red tape – always fussing over unsound practices and health and safety rules.  I think safety officers tend to have a slightly obsessive nature. This is … Continue reading

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Youth, energy and inspiration

Last week was quite busy and tiring – there were too many things going on at once at work, combined with (or causing?) a tendency for me to wake up at 4am and not get back to sleep. The most … Continue reading

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Librarians and what we do – conference musings

I have just returned from the Health Libraries Group (HLG) Conference held at the Lowry Centre in Manchester Salford. I don’t often go to this biennial event, though I am a member of the Health Libraries Group. I am not … Continue reading

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