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Puffed-up and partying

My ears were burning a month ago and my head was swollen. Fear not, I hadn’t caught an interesting disease, I was just being talked about and made prideful. At the end of the summer I learnt that I had … Continue reading

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“Facebook for scientists”

Soon after Nature Network launched in 2007 it was being touted as the “Facebook for scientists”. Other sites that had been around longer, such as FriendFeed and LabSpaces, occasionally got that moniker too (and indeed Facebook bought¬†out FriendFeed later on).¬† … Continue reading

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SameAs – Science, Technology and Art

This week I attended a meeting about art and science, organised by SameAs. This is a newish group that aims to bring together “interesting people from diverse backgrounds to discuss science, technology and everything in-between”. Basically it is a free … Continue reading

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Macaroni and Montaigne

My Facebook page is looking very macaronic these days. Forget pasta; I’m talking language here. I am not an expert on Flemish vocal music from the Renaissance period, but I sometimes listen to a CD of music by Ockeghem and … Continue reading

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My Science Online London 2010 impressions

I attended the Science Online London 2010 conference (SOLo10) last week. There is a round-up of post-conference reports elsewhere on Nature Network.  This word cloud by Simon Cockell gives an idea of the key themes.  My personal highlights are below, … Continue reading

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Collaboratories and clubs

I first saw the word “collaboratory” in a special issue of Science magazine in 1993 that was devoted to scientific computing. This was relatively early Internet days when we still got excited about the numbers of computers hooked up to … Continue reading

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Digital Maoists

A nice review by Tara Brabazon in last week’s Times Higher of a new book: You are not a gadget by Jaron Lanier. Published by Allen Lane, 2010. ISBN 9781846143410 (See it on Amazon UK or Amazon US which also … Continue reading

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Social networks – are they useful or pointless?

This is perhaps an impolite question question to ask in a blog hosted on Nature Network, but I ask in a spirit of enquiry rather than provocation. I am inspired by an interesting blog post on the Scholarly Kitchen blog … Continue reading

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