I blame the parents

From time to time, I am given to wondering why I have achieved so little in life generally.

Answers suggested by my friends and family have included ‘laziness’ ‘not trying hard enough’ ‘lack of confidence’ ‘too unfocussed’ ‘too much procrastinating’ ‘laziness’ (again) ‘not wanting to push yourself” ‘too much talking, not enough doing’, ‘not getting up early enough’ and, er, ‘laziness’.

However, I now realise that it WASN’T MY FAULT.

It is, it turns out, all down to my having been born in August.

Thanks goodness for that.

[And, in which case, I can blame the parents.]

Though, as this article points out, being born in August – indeed, being born in the very same week in 1961 as me – hasn’t done a certain former Law Professor turned politician any harm.

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Middle-aged grouchy white male. Hair greying but hasn't all fallen out yet. Spreading waistline ill-concealed by baggy jumper.Semi-extinguished physiology researcher turned teacher. Known for never shutting up. Father of two children (aged 6 and 2) who try to out-talk him. Some would call that Karmic Revenge.
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4 Responses to I blame the parents

  1. Alejandro says:

    Austin- you had bad luck, you should have been born in March like me.

  2. stephenemoss says:

    Austin – as a fellow member of the first-week-of-August club, your blog comes as a great relief. Next time a journal chastises me for the late submission of a manuscript review I will simply reply ‘not my fault mate’.

  3. chall says:

    huh, I’ll take that excuse too then (being a fellow August born) 🙂

  4. cromercrox says:

    I used to procrastinate, but these days I can never seem to get round it it.
    (DISCLAIMER – born in April)

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