On Titles

If, for the sake of argument (and I’m not looking at Grrlscientist over there), I was to come up with a new blog, or a new name for an existing one, what would you recommend?

The blog in question will be about science, and it’ll be my voice in a slightly US-centric setting, so plays on geography are valid.

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23 Responses to On Titles

  1. Bob O'Hara says:

    Confessions of a Former Lab Rat?

  2. Richard P. Grant says:

    HA! That might give the wrong impression, but I like it.

  3. Stephen Curry says:

    The Curt Shocker

  4. Bob O'Hara says:

    If you’re going to ScienceBlogs, Confessions of a Watercress Eater is obligatory.

  5. Richard P. Grant says:

    snort Only if you rename yours ‘The Cunning Stunt’ 😉

  6. Eva Amsen says:

    “The Polymath”

  7. Richard P. Grant says:

    You flatter me, Eva.
    Bob, rumours that I’m moving to SB are greatly exaggerated.

  8. John Wilkins says:

    “Grant application”?

  9. Maxine Clarke says:

    The Old Scientist.

  10. Mike Fowler says:

    You can’t polish a third?

  11. Richard Grant says:

    We’ve gone for ‘Naturally Selected’. All will become clear next week, I hope.
    And it’s going to be less problematic than NN!
    Me–not in my account

  12. Richard P. Grant says:

    Is this me?

  13. Of course, what I want to do now is change the title of this blog. Argh.

  14. Rosemary Redfield says:

    I’ve claimed ‘The Sense Strand’, at least on Blogger.

  15. Richard P. Grant says:

    Ha! I’m guessing nabbing ‘Antisense’ might be too derivative. ‘Nonsense’ might be appropriate, though.
    (and nice to see you here).

  16. Martin Fenner says:

    What made you change the name of this blog? I thought you were talking about a different blog. Nature Network right now is a confusing place.

  17. Frank Norman says:

    I think RIchard is testing MT4 to destruction. Perhaps we should all change the title of our blogs to see what happens? 😉

  18. Eva Amsen says:

    I like this new title. And I know why it changed, and it really does make more sense now. \o/ Looking forward to the other new blog as well.
    Oh! FREE IDEA: Once we get custom banners, YOU CAN PUT SID UP HERE!!! It would totally fit with the rat name again!
    Sid misses you (Heartbreaking image in link. Can’t put images in comments anymore?)

  19. Richard P. Grant says:

    The thought had occurred, Eva 🙂

  20. Richard Wintle says:

    Ah. I have finally clued in what you’re on about. Well, at least where one blog is concerned. And the other blog. Is there a third?
    Perhaps I haven’t got this sorted out quite yet after all…

  21. Austin Elliott says:

    Ah – like for Richard W, penny/dropping moment sort of thing.
    If we’re talking something to evoke cucumber sandwiches, warm beer and interminable (if intermittent) cricket between the rain showers, how about:

    I say, Old Thing

    or how about:

    Tales of the (Thames) Riverbank

  22. Kausik Datta says:

    A more appropriate title for Richard would be:
    The Philosopher’s (Gall) Stone
    [Grins][Runs away]

  23. Richard P. Grant says:

    Ha ha! All good suggestions.
    FWIW, Naturally Selected will be ready for prime time any day now.

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