On Memories

Scurry has written about memories. The skies over London have been similarly homeopathic this weekend–clear blue skies (like water), with no aeroplanes (like homeopathic preparations).

The Memory of Air Flight.

I went up Stave Hill yesterday and shot the video you see above. Usually the skies of London are criss-crossed with contrails: City Airport is to the east, just beyond Canary Wharf and Heathrow is southwest of us. Both very busy airports. But yesterday there was nothing. If I said that if you looked carefully you could see where the aeroplanes used to fly, you’d laugh at me, and rightly so. No memory of flight, there.

But the muppets are still at it. Homeopaths without borders? Oh please. If this isn’t a joke, it’s immoral and obscene. Playing on the good name of Médecins Sans Frontières to go and wave dehydrated water (yes, I know) at people who really need proper, medical help. Just in case you wondered, Muppets without borders is “Not associated with Doctors Without Borders”.

Oh, that’s all right then. Excuse me, I think I need to go and have a decidedly non-homeopathic vodka.

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14 Responses to On Memories

  1. Eva Amsen says:

    I was going to accuse you of not blogging about science, and just using the whole homeopathy thing as an excuse to post your video, but then I saw the “science-less Sunday” tag. Why are you always one step ahead of me! [shakes fist]

  2. Par Leijonhufvud says:

    There is always Billy Conollys take on aromatherapy (youtube has it). Perhaps not he first choice of treatment strategy for a traffic accident…
    Anbd anyway, isn’t clean water one of the things that are desperately needed in any crisis areas? Ask them to bring as much of the preparations as possible, say 3-4 litres per victim and day…

  3. Richard P. Grant says:

    Nice one Par!
    @Eva mwah hah hah.

  4. Brian Clegg says:

    I see from their website that Homeopaths without Borders is a “non profit 501c3 humanitarian organization”. Does 501c3 indicate their dilution?

  5. Richard P. Grant says:

    I wonder if that’s what you call homeopathic profits, then?

  6. Jennifer Rohn says:

    it was my understanding of the matter that homeopaths actually did have borders, prior to being diluted.

  7. Richard P. Grant says:

    The homeopaths or the borders?
    And totally apropos, the French demonstrate once again their homeopathic amounts of human decency (thanks Jenny for the link).

  8. Jennifer Rohn says:

    To be fair, several people have pointed out why allowing a Dunkirk-style evacuation to proceed could have been dangerous to the passengers, and also is a problem for passport control…

  9. Richard P. Grant says:

    The chappie claimed that the French didn’t give a reason. If they’d have asked to see his insurance documents, well, that would have been different.
    Wouldn’t have made such a good story though.

  10. Peter Douglas says:

    The owner of some other boats that were allowed to take passengers said it had to do with having a commercial licence, but Snow’s bunch were going to do it for free so I’m not really sure they’d need a that.

  11. Richard P. Grant says:

    Yeah, that didn’t make sense. You’d certainly want to see a certificate of seaworthiness, insurance docs and the like; but the Calais port authorities were just saying ‘non’ as far as I can tell. Galling Gallic arrogance.

  12. Richard Wintle says:

    Those skies look very blue, Richard. Where is this ash cloud I’ve been hearing so much about?

  13. Austin Elliott says:

    I wrote about the nincompoops from Homeopaths Without Borders after the Haiti earthquake:
    Why money is better disaster aid than homeopathy
    And I reckon that no post on homeopathy should now be without at least one link to the priceless Mitchell and Webb homeopathic A&E sketch
    Not embedded, BTW, as a quick search does not reveal the code to do it. * sigh * Is MT4 here ever going to get a useful how-to guide?

  14. Richard P. Grant says:

    It’s an invisible death ray ash cloud, obviously.
    Thanks again for the vid, Austin. I’m not even going to try to embed; I can’t even seem to open new tabs from here. Is that MT4’s fault?

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