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Back in September 2010, I’m not sure that any of us who answered Jenny’s call to action knew quite what to expect. Maybe not even pulling off a rally attended by over 2,000 scientists and supporters; perhaps not going to Downing Street with 35,000 names on a petition; probably not being called into a minister’s office at short notice for a very interesting chat—and I’m pretty certain that we didn’t consider if we’d still be going two years later.

But here we are. We’ve presented a report on science careers to that same minister; we have our first Annual General Meeting on 13th September (at Christopher Ingold XLG1 Chemistry Lecture Theatre, UCL, 20 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0AJ); we have a bank account; we even have a Constitution (if only I can remember where I put it). In addition to all that, we’re subverting the Guardian Science Blogs to raise awareness of the cause.

And perhaps even more importantly, thanks to the inestimable Della, we have pin badges!

Science is Vital pin badges!

One of these pretty, shiny things can be yours for the princely sum of one of your English pounds, and they’ll be available at the SiV AGM. And subsequently probably from any of the committee members—if we don’t sell them all on the 13th. All monies will go directly into the SiV coffers, thence to support our next campaign, whenever that might be.

Wear yours with pride!

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5 Responses to On message

  1. Bah. I still can’t find any useful conferences in London that would give me a reason to legitimately expense the trip. I’ll have to hope for a leftover pin or two to purchase after the fact…

  2. Paul Burton says:

    I’ll give you 2 of my English Pounds plus P+P if you can post one to my English address 🙂
    Please e-mail me back if you will do this.

  3. rpg says:

    It’s a deal, gents!

  4. chall says:

    YEY! those pin badges look great. You’re all doing wonderful work!

  5. Hah! Cross-cultural differences… rpg has called these “badges”, I unwittingly used the North American term “pins”, and chall has covered both bases. 🙂

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