On immortality

From the “Making dreams come true” department, we recently had a sauna installed at the new gaff.

Warming up
Warming up

It’s very nice, and you should know that South Eastern trains have a special, hidden, weekend fare that lets you use the High Speed service for the same price as the slow train, and that I can pick you up from the station.

In related news, Reuters reports that saunas “might” be good for one’s health. Reading on, this headline seems to undersell things a bit.

I’ve always thought that mortality was more or less 100%. Everybody dies, sooner or later. Now, Elijah skewed the stats a little, but his non-death was compensated for by Tabitha, Lazarus, and two or three others; but on average (and certainly within experimental error), we’re good.

But according to Reuters, that absolute statistic is looking somewhat shaky.

screenshot from Reuters release claiming less death

Reducing mortality

So you might want to take me up on that offer from Gravesend station.

Sadly, I can’t tell you how sound are the data linking saunas and immortality, because I don’t have access to the paper.

“Further studies,” write the authors, “are warranted to establish the potential mechanism that links sauna bathing and cardiovascular health.”


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4 Responses to On immortality

  1. You’ve got mail… 😉

  2. Laurence Cox says:

    I always thought that cancer cells were immortal (at least the HeLa line is still going strong), so in principle immortality is possible, if not necessarily desirable for the good of the species.

    I guess the Reuters’ journalists misunderstood deaths from all causes, as dying at all.

  3. chall says:

    …so what you’re saying is that not only does Santa live in those Finnish woods in the north, but a lot of people who doesn’t die do too? (Undeads a la “other side of the Wall”* come to mind. After all, it is snowy, cold and dark a lot up (t)here 😉 )

    *not the ‘old’ Wall, nor the other one, but the Wall from GoT obvs (I fear that young people today don’t know of any other wall…… now i feel old. again.)

  4. rpg says:


    And oh yeah—do you think Enoch took saunas too?

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