On the cranes

Apparently it’s (still) #WorldPhotographyDay.

To celebrate, here’s a photograph from our bedroom window this morning, not taken with my iPhone.

London Gateway

In fairness to Stephen it was taken in ‘P’ mode, but I’m going to start experimenting with ‘M’. And yes, it’s the 55–250 mm zoom: it might have crappy optics but I like it, so nyah.

The only filter is a polarizing one on the lens (oh, and a UV1A, but everyone has that, right?).

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3 Responses to On the cranes

  1. Ooo, careful, you might get caught up in the never-ending “UV filter vs. no UV filter” debate.

    Nicely worked with the silhouettes and haze. Tricky conditions very well photographed.

    And 55-250mm is a very useful range (I use a 55-300 a lot of the time). Faster/better glass is nice, but ex-pen-sive!

  2. rpg says:

    Ha ha. I didn’t know there was a debate.

    Yes, I like that lens. It’s fun, if not the best glass available.

    Thanks, anyway. I’ll try to catch a better ship next time (you can just see superstructure there).

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