Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

I fell a bit behind with the shopping lists, which is a shame because I really wanted to show you this one before Christmas.

It’s a full-blown pre-Christmas shop. Right at the top we’ve got mistletoe and greenery—both queried though: maybe she (definitely a ‘she’) wasn’t sure if Waitrose would have them, or maybe there was already another trip planned.

There’s an interesting mix of precision here: carrots, leeks, clementines … but four bananas, two each of limes and lemons; haddock … but a general ‘dinner.

Two crème fraiche (again; with diacritics), but a small cream. 

How many baguettes? A misfiled pastry (together with the foil this makes me think she shops by aisle, although I happen to know that the cream is not near the bread, so not entirely sure what’s going on there. Perhaps it’s by recipe rather than aisle?).

Questions remain. What sort of wine? Why is panko underlined? Did she decide on tonic, or soda? Which paper?

And the pièce de résistance, right down at the bottom, in the middle of the page, set aside from everything else on the page, underlined …


I feel there’s a metaphor in here, somewhere.

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