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Communication breakdown

Twitter is dead. Long live … whatever comes next. Twitter actually died a few years back. It was around about the time when your timeline began to fill up with images. About the same time that The Algorithm started showing … Continue reading

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On Social Media

We are social creatures. No doubt there are evolutionary reasons why this is so and why it persists, although I’m not qualified to do more than speculate. However, it seems self evident that there are advantages to acting as a … Continue reading

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Three Steps to Heaven, Mk II

You may remember that two years ago, after much nudging, I created and published a guide for corporate twits. I haven’t tweeted in a corporate capacity since, although I have remained responsible for more ‘serious’ accounts than my personal one, … Continue reading

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Three steps to Heaven

Back in August I finally got around to writing the ‘Corporate Twitter Guide’ they’d been on at me to produce. Being the sort of guy I am, I actually did it in twenty tweets. Because I’ve just spent five minutes … Continue reading

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On peer review and trials by Twitter

(Edited to add: just three seconds after hitting ‘publish’ I saw that Girl, Interrupting, has a very fine post making some of the same points. Please read that, too.) Towards the end of last year, the day job ran an … Continue reading

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