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  1. chall says:

    Very nice to read the story behind it all rpg. Hope you have safe travels across the pond and enjoy the conference.

    I’m looking forward to the videos and interviews! great idea!

    (Loved this in particular: “We wanted interesting people who could write, and who were, or had been at some point, scientists. So I wondered, what do all scientists have in common?” As for a community it’s always down to the smallest common denominator (I would say here it’s partly that all people write very well and interesting.) )

  2. easternblot says:

    Did you change a sentence in here after publishing it? About the last-minuteness of the ticket purchase?

  3. easternblot says:

    Aww, moderation. Can’t believe that was my first comment here. I’ve been commenting in my head. It’s not my fault you’re not mindreading.

  4. ricardipus says:

    Thanks for the backstory. I *knew* there must be a good reason for Facebook.

    And I thoroughly expected that post to be deleted – I’d thought we were in “pre-publication test mode”. Ah well, it’s enshrined for posterity now I suppose.

    Finally, let me publicly volunteer to help defray the hosting costs. Flip me an email, happy to contribute to the cause. 🙂

  5. Steve Caplan says:

    Enjoy the meeting-looking forward to the interviews. And I echo Ricardipus about helping defray costs.

  6. As a retired (female) scientist-turned-writer, I’d like to see those interviews on YouTube. Are you going to announce them?

  7. rpg says:

    Hi all, thanks for your comments.

    Eva, unbelievable, I know.

    Chall, thanks!

    R’pus, I feel a leetle bit uncomfortable asking Irregulars for a contribution, but I do appreciate the sentiment. Let’s review the situation later. And yes, I know you thought that post would be deleted but (a) doing so wouldn’t have been in the spirit of OT, and (b) I’m a bit of an anarchist myself. 🙂

    Steve, yes, I’ll get round to that at some point!

    Sue Ann, it’s always great to see a new face around here, thanks for commenting. Yes, I’ll announce the videos here, twitter, wherever I can. I’ll probably embed some too.

  8. cromercrox says:

    Hmmm. The cleaned-up version, thank goodness. however, I’m not surprised that you left out the part in which you came up with the idea after I’d wiped the floor with you at arm-wrestling.

  9. rpg says:

    Come here and say that, you great buffoon.

  10. cromercrox says:


  11. Stephen says:

    Nice summary Richard. Am looking forward to seeing your videos. Which reminds me – i really must get my finger out…

  12. I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome of the awesome women in science campaign. This is a great idea! Perhaps it can become a continued series??

  13. KristiV says:

    Interesting summary, Richard, and nice to know the backstory (I’m still not a Facebook convert, so there was a lot I wasn’t aware of). Have a great time at Science Online 2011, and I look forward to seeing the video clips!

  14. ricardipus says:

    P.S. Try not to get into a fistfight with Lou in that session, ok? 😉

  15. cromercrox says:

    it’s open season on Isis and Zuska though. For them you can use Sarah Palin’s gunsights as she apparently won’t be needing them.

  16. rpg says:

    I’m not getting into a fight with anybody. I shall remain supremely aloof.

    Jeanne, not sure what you mean about a continued series, but I’m hoping Karen and Jenny can use this as a springboard to more stuff. But yeah, if it goes over well I’m keen to lend my technical skillz and do what I can.

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