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Brief thoughts about academic honesty

Always tell the truth – they tell you when you are a kid – I think I quickly learned that ALWAYS telling the truth is not always the best idea – lies of omission (especially to my mother) save a … Continue reading

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The dangers of unconscious bias

Its around us everywhere, unconscious bias, in the media, in the government infrastructure, in academia. I have read several articles lately about bias and inequalities in academic science – such as a blog post “What women think” by Athene Donald … Continue reading

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On women in science

I am always in 2 minds about Women in Science. There is something about that title that reminds me of the Muppet Show and I can hear the announcement line sounding like ‘Pigs in Space’ – and it just sounds … Continue reading

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It is damn hard to admit you are wrong

And I don’t mean when you get the facts unequivocally wrong like in a pub quiz, you kind of have to say you were wrong when you find out Sylvia Plath wrote the Bell Jar after you claimed it was … Continue reading

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Persevering against all odds is NOT the way forward

Beware of the hype.. Most of us love a good old perseverance, against all odds, pulling yourself up by your boot straps story. And there are thousands of them about scientific people – some apocryphal, some mythological and some of … Continue reading

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Facts shmacts

in support of Dr. Goldacre… There is a recent controversy between Ben Goldacre and Jeremy Laurance concerning Goldacre’s ‘attack’ on health journalists. Laurance, doesn’t like it, and one of the points he brings up is that Goldacre doesn’t know the … Continue reading

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Science takes time and we are not all going to die…

well we are, but not by a world taken over by synthetic beings in the near future… Science isn’t very fast, even though it often seems like it especially when we read media reports about ‘new’ scientific breakthroughs… Last week, … Continue reading

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