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Kids these days

Sunday Will Self was on BBC radio 4 giving his point of view about the youth of today. He pities them as they are being oppressed by the older demographic or as he puts it – “In my darker moments … Continue reading

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Worms, worms, worms – how to treat your compost…

On averting a compost disaster I think everyone should have a wormery but that is probably just because I own one. Its great for compost and easy to use even if you don’t have a garden you can compost away … Continue reading

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Why is science important?

Alom Shaha runs a webpage called “Why is science important?” where amongst other things, people, some scientists some not, give their veiws on why science is important. I wrote something for this if you care to look “Discoveries come in … Continue reading

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I am off on holiday – [to my small number of readers] to Northern Spain…. will be blogging like a fool on my return…… will be back in 2 weeks

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Why are academics so snotty about blogging?

Apparently many academics in biology and astronomy discourage blogging because it has no reliability or prestige . Huh? Well both of these things are true, to some extent, of course; but isn’t this also true of dissemination in traditional peer … Continue reading

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That’s why I am in it, for the money

I became a scientist, because of the money, really as Simon Jenkins pointed out, so I could live off the earnings of other people. And OH what a fortune I make, because academics are the most highly paid of all … Continue reading

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Facts shmacts

in support of Dr. Goldacre… There is a recent controversy between Ben Goldacre and Jeremy Laurance concerning Goldacre’s ‘attack’ on health journalists. Laurance, doesn’t like it, and one of the points he brings up is that Goldacre doesn’t know the … Continue reading

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Monkeys can’t take their booze

and neither can adolescents… IT WILL ROT YOUR BRAIN New Scientist reports in an article Binge Drinking Rots Teenage Brains that if you binge drink as a teen, your stem cells are going to die and you will have lasting … Continue reading

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yo, I do have something to say

Uh, but not quite yet

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