Little blue

In other news, this little guy deserves more exposure. We were sat there on Sunday afternoon, when suddenly there was a thud and a little tap on the wooden floor. We got up to see a rather startled baby blue tit sitting there by the back door.

Baby blue

He wasn’t moving, so I picked him up and stroked his head (which, it has to be said, was missing a few feathers) and, because it appeared that there was no way he was going to let go of my forefinger, got Jenny to put some ground peanuts* and water on the garden table for him.

Jenny and the bluetit

Finally I got him off my finger and on to the table, and we hung around to scare away any cats that might be on the prowl for helpless birdlife. I got my camera and took a few photos, somewhat relieved when he startled at the shutter snap.

Eventually he decided he’d had enough of our hospitality and flew up into the trees, where he perched and twittered for a while before flying off again.

I think I saw him back on the peanut feeder this morning, so all’s well in the urban jungle.

*Please don’t leave out whole peanuts. Tits can joke on them.

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2 Responses to Little blue

  1. Eva says:

    “…and twittered for a while”

    “OMG, just crashed into a window!! Be careful you guyzzzz. Please RT.”

  2. rpg says:

    Amazed it took someone this long to say that 🙂

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