Back in the USSR

Last time I was here, I made a comment about how I hoped things were going to get less busy.


Yeah… that didn’t work out too well.

Since January, I have been on six overseas work trips. The most recent was to some little out-of-the-way place in middle America.

I’m also doing the work of about four mortal men—on the one hand, working for an agency, this is good, because it means I get paid at the end of the month. On the other, bloody hell I’m knackered. Thankfully Jenny is off to a conference in Warwick on Sunday, which means I have to pick up Joshua, which means I can’t go to the big Brand Meeting in Prague that we’re running, which meant I had to sadly decline not only the meeting itself (trip #7) but also the two slide preview sessions held at #MAJORCLIENT_HQ (trips #8 and #9).

I’m still tired and a little stressed. But there is a bright golden haze on the meadow: the meeting (which I still have to support) is over on Thursday; my stupidly tight print deadline for a major materiel is in the past; I have two days in lieu next week and we’ve completed all the work we had to do to support a major phase 3 clinical trial presentation.


Back home the mercury hit 20°C today, the daffodils are in full show, the birds are coughing in the trees and the cherry blossom is out. I can see the bluebells starting to push their way up and the pool is warm enough (OK, not so testicle-crushingly cold) to dip in after a sauna. And I’ve just made chocolate ice cream.

Things are looking up.

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