Rock Lobster

This list is written on a crumpled Post-It note.

I like it. Crisp, business-like, no nonsense. Actually scrunched up to be discarded when it had served its purpose.

A parent, with young children.

Tuna. Fine. Rock salt—not the sea flakes of someone who is really into cooking, but commendable. Busy parent probably has no time for salting her chicken the night before.

Baking powder. Bicarb and eggs. I see a cake in her children’s future.

Shapes… what kind of shapes? Family shorthand—fine.

No particular order, this; probably written down as the thoughts occurred, or as she surveyed her organized if slightly untidy kitchen (this is not a judgement: kitchens are always untidy if there are children in the house. Unless you’re some kind of psychopath).

Washing up liquid—any old brand will do, I guess. Suckies—those delicious yogurty things that it is actually against the law to eat if you’re over the age of about 7.

Sesame chicken… mmm, I’m liking this. Mayo, sure. Chicken again—wait, what’s this? A filing breakdown? Or maybe they do really like chicken.

Bananas, blue milk (of course—children again) and croissants for Sunday morning breakfast. Perhaps with home-made jam? We know she bakes, so perhaps.

Antibac wipes. Children, sure; fastidious, definitely—even if this list weren’t a dead giveaway.

Fabric softener, and then, way out on the right-hand side, almost less than an afterthought, ‘unstoppables‘. I had to look these up.

Not just children, but possibly very small, somewhat pungent children as well.

Whoever you are, I hope they enjoyed the sesame chicken.

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