One piece at a time

While we’re on the subject of failure, there were a lot of bits of broken tree around the neighbourhood today. And Jenny was greeted by this somewhat alarming sight on the school run this morning.

Fence fail

Yes buddy, that’s my fence

No, not the still-small-but-rapidly-growing boy, but the 8-foot panel laying in the middle of the pavement.

I believe we could say that Storm Henk pushed it beyond its design tolerance, but actually the posts are pretty rotted through and it would be more accurate to declare “It was just a matter of time”. Fortunately the panel (and the back it took with it) fell outwards and not onto Henlay-on-Thames below.

It was the work of 5 minutes with my DeWalt cordless and some 6-inch screws to fasten it back in place, at least more or less and temporarily, and Jenny has been organizing the local trade to quote to replace the entire section.

In the meantime, perhaps I should put up a sign warning people not to go out if it’s windy?


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