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This is what we find

While making Richard’s Famous Margaritas(tm) (note to self: post this on Magirism at some point) this afternoon, I had to clear the Triple Sec optic from the sugary gunge build-up. After cleaning, I picked up the wrong receptacle and dropped … Continue reading

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The Country Life

I set up a WhatsApp group for the locals, so I can let them know when I have eggs available. “Hello Richard!” they’ll message, “Any eggs available today?” At this time of year, with an average of 4 eggs daily, … Continue reading

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Country House

It’s March, and that means there’s far too much stuff to do in the garden. A few years ago we went to a PYO and got a pumpkin (or 12, whatever). It was a Blue Hubbard, and we saved the … Continue reading

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Take Five

It‘s a crazy mixed up world, and the snowdrops were early and then the daffs were late but now there‘s tulips, tulips I tell you, showing their red little faces among the hyacinths and the daffs at the Gillingham roundabout. … Continue reading

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Games Without Frontiers

My enthusiasm for sport has always surpassed my ability. Except for soccer. At school, me and John Grant would always play in defence and hope the ball never came our way. I still don’t see the point of that one. … Continue reading

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Family Tree

We’re blessed to have a larger-than-usual garden (for these parts). Legend has it that when they built this development at the arse-end of the 1980s, what-was-to-become our plot was down for 2 (or even 3) houses, but they didn’t get … Continue reading

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Heart of Glass

Had I not been out the front of the house, watching Joshua earning some pocket money by washing the car,  I’d probably have sent the milk round sales droid on his way. But I was, and we talked, and seduced … Continue reading

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A Place Called England

I planted snowdrops in the green in the woods last Sunday morning, and this Saturday when we visited they were already demurely in bloom. We usually get one crazy forerunner between Christmas and New Year in our garden, but it’s … Continue reading

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Distant Sun

Solar is never going to meet all our energy needs, especially not at these latitudes. But even though the one aspect of our roof that is completely covered in solar panels faces west, we still generate significant amounts of electricity. … Continue reading

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Shelter from the storm

There’s another storm blowing in, the milder weather pushed before it melting the ice that has gripped Gravesend for the last 4 or 5 days. Rhea has joined the new girls inside the coop for the night, but Arty and … Continue reading

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