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In defence of reviews

Doug Kell, chief executive of the BBSRC, published an enormous review article in 2009 on iron chelation and disease. The review had 2,469 references. (D. B. Kell BMC Med. Genom. 2, 2; 2009). I’m not sure what the record for a single article is, … Continue reading

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PLOS shift

Camel case (the practice of writing words with some inner uppercase letters) is one of my pet hates, as it demands sufficient finger dexterity to make sure you hit the shift key at just the right point in the middle … Continue reading

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The trend towards Open Access has catalysed the creation of many new journals and new publishers. BioMedCentral, established in 2000, was a pioneer of open access publishing, launching a large number of journals. Public Library of Science (PLoS) initially established … Continue reading

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Err … ology

Publication bias is the tendency to report positive results differently from negative or inconclusive results, resulting in a bias in the overall literature (see Wikipedia article and this tutorial at the Cochrane Collaboration). Afficionados of evidence-based practice and meta-analysers of research worry … Continue reading

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How are your tweetations?

A contentious paper came out towards the end of last year in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. That is a reasonably respectable title in its niche field and the author, Gunther Eysenbach, is a respected medical informaticist and e-health … Continue reading

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They’re really not helping

Getting older and more forgetful is one of those things you just have to accept. Trying to remember where you left the keys, what day your niece’s birthday is, whether you need to catch the 143 bus or the 134 … Continue reading

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Trashy journals

A Chinese couple published a couple of dozen academic journals, collecting a reported $1.5 million in publication fees from thousands of contributors. But, provincial authorities allege, the journals were fake. Only a few copies of each issue were printed, and … Continue reading

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Subscription rage

Supermarkets are confusing places these days. There are two-for-one offers (BOGOF – buy one get one free) and variations thereon (buy two get one half price, etc etc), combo offers (buy three similar products together for a cheaper price than … Continue reading

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Scientific information in the digital age

Just a quick one. The European Commission is consulting on scientific information in the digital age. In late 2011 they intend to adopt a Communication and Recommendation on access to and preservation of digital scientific information. The press release says: … Continue reading

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Citing wrong ‘uns

Quite a bit of attention has been focused on article retractions since Ivan Oransky launched his Retraction Watch blog last year. One recent discussion in blogworld looked at when a retraction is warranted and what a retraction means. Dr Isis … Continue reading

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