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Not another new open access journal

Or, rather, not just any other new open access journal. The Wellcome Trust, the Max Planck Society and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have announced that they are to launch a new top-tier open access journal for biomedical and life … Continue reading

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Elsevier and the executable paper

Have you ever wanted to make your paper come alive with data? The results of a recent competition may help that to become a reality. Elsevier are fond of tapping into the scientific community’s ideas on the future of publishing. … Continue reading

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The challenge of going beyond

Change is a natural part of life so resisting it has always seemed futile to me. My hair falls out and turns grey and I prefer to just accept that it has happened rather than to wear a wig or … Continue reading

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Open season in biology

On Thursday my colleague alerted me to a new open access journal from the Company of Biologists called Biology Open. Today, after a four-day long weekend (thanks to the Royal Wedding and Mayday celebrations) one of the first emails I … Continue reading

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Moving towards movement, by Jove

Sometimes you look round and realise that the world has changed. It has been changing little by little so gradually that you didn’t notice but then you realise “Aha! The much predicted and talked-about convergence of TV and computing has … Continue reading

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Peer review inquiry – written evidence

I wrote a couple of months back about the background to the Science & Technology Select Committee’s inquiry into peer review. The Select Committee has published all the written evidence submitted to its inquiry. The publication of written evidence provides … Continue reading

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Peering at review

The House of Commons Select Committee on Science & Technology have announced that they will conduct an inquiry into peer review. They list eight points starting with: the strengths and weaknesses of peer review as a quality control mechanism for … Continue reading

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Nature’s new position statement on open access

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) have just issued a new position statement on open access. It aims to give a useful of the company’s current activities in open access, and it sets out their policies and viewpoints with respect to open … Continue reading

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Fees, subscriptions and the messy business of payments

Martin Fenner has posted on Gobbledygook about submission fees and open access, drawing attention to the release of a report on submission fees that was commissioned by Knowledge Exchange, a partnership of JISC (United Kingdom), SURF (Netherlands), DEFF (Denmark) and … Continue reading

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What are libraries for and are they worth it?

Back in August Elsevier published a report that looked at what value a University library delivers to its parent institution, particularly in terms of its research.  It looked at eight institutions around the world and found that in six of … Continue reading

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