Country House

It’s March, and that means there’s far too much stuff to do in the garden.

Beans bursting out

Bean love

A few years ago we went to a PYO and got a pumpkin (or 12, whatever). It was a Blue Hubbard, and we saved the seeds and sowed them the next year.

We got a bit of a sport from that that mother, cute in a blue-ish, wonky sort of way, and my daughters for whatever reason named it ‘Ken’. The family chat group, somewhat inevitably, was renamed ‘The Ken Fan Club’. Over the years the chat has been renamed ‘Son of Ken fan club’, and of course ‘Ken III fan club” as we (mostly Jenny, to be honest) have saved and vernalized seeds from each subsequent generation.

Today I sowed some Ken III seeds and we hope that this season we will welcome Ken IV (and turn him and his siblings into pumpkin pie, but let’s not talk about that yet).

Ken and friends

They look small now…

I also sowed sweetcorn and mange tout and peas and while that doesn’t take up much space at the moment, we’re going to have to pot them on at some point.

But as Jenny said of the 34 sweetcorn pots, “We’ll worry about where to put them later”.

Sweet. Corn.

I remember when this was all fields.

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  1. Delicious (I expect). And now I know what “mange tout” (or “mangetout” depending on which version of the internet you consult) means. On this side of the Atlantic, either snap peas or snow peas.

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