Take Five

It‘s a crazy mixed up world, and the snowdrops were early and then the daffs were late but now there‘s tulips, tulips I tell you, showing their red little faces among the hyacinths and the daffs at the Gillingham roundabout.

It‘s probably something to do with climate change and technically being in an ice age but who knows? Life still, fortunately, goes on, and our hens have woken up to the fact it‘s 2024. First Iris (a while ago, now) and then Arty and Athena, and finally, today, Rhea lays a misshapen but ever-so-welcome little blue-green egg and suddenly I‘m going to have to start selling eggs to the neighbours again.


Eggsellent work, ladies.

Nike, of course, is wondering what all the fuss is about.


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