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Learning to fly

I’ve written at length about our hens. What I may not have mentioned is that last year we got a hive, and some bees to go in it.  The bees did what bees do, and we had a few jars … Continue reading

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I’m still standing

Big Vet doesn’t want you to read this post. Chickens, famously, do not have teeth. Instead they have gizzards, A gizzard is a kind of bag betwixt beak and stomach in which foodstuff is ground by little bits of stone … Continue reading

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My Generation

Back in January I predicted that we would hit our 14 kWh daily average sometime around the end of April. I was a little off, as we first passed that marker on 1 March—surprisingly for such a rainy day, I … Continue reading

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Take Five

It‘s a crazy mixed up world, and the snowdrops were early and then the daffs were late but now there‘s tulips, tulips I tell you, showing their red little faces among the hyacinths and the daffs at the Gillingham roundabout. … Continue reading

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Shelter from the storm

There’s another storm blowing in, the milder weather pushed before it melting the ice that has gripped Gravesend for the last 4 or 5 days. Rhea has joined the new girls inside the coop for the night, but Arty and … Continue reading

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