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My iron lung (redux)

The is a modified version of a couple of posts that originally appeared in December 2006 on ‘Life of a lab rat’, my blog at the University of Sydney. Which is now sadly defunct. It’s not what you know, it … Continue reading

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One step beyond

What did I really think when I made the decision to leave the lab and pursue a career using my other skills? To be honest, I don’t really know. I don’t really remember. “It seemed a good idea at the … Continue reading

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On writing

I’ve heard it said there’s no such thing as ‘bricklayer’s block’. The argument goes that bricklayers lay bricks, that pilots (say) fly, and that writers write. For those of us lucky enough to be paid to put one word after … Continue reading

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On the up

Having a chat with Henricus croxii this morning, it suddenly struck me that I have been rather quiet of late. So quiet, in fact, that even H. croxii, with whom I normally share everything (except underpants and family members), wasn’t … Continue reading

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T minus one day… We’re putting the fun in fungible! The tang in tangible! And the mental in fundamental! Here’s some comments from our users… I’m excited about blogging again I could crush a grape Of course I jumped at … Continue reading

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It’s just not cool to simply photograph the Google Street View car any more. And finding yourself on Street View is just so passé. The trick now is to photograph the Street View car and match it up with the … Continue reading

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On the origin of science writers

I got an email yesterday from somebody asking for advice on getting into science journalism. I hate things like that–I never know how to answer and am always afraid “it was random luck” might be giving away too many secrets. … Continue reading

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On Nature Network, again

You’ll remember last time that I wondered what the point was of Nature Network, and indeed for a few months now a few of us have been wondering whether to set up an independent blogging collective that does what we … Continue reading

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On Nature Network

Foreword: Everything in here has been buzzing around my head for the last few months. It has nothing at all to do with the recent trouble at, and the main reason I have waited until now before saying anything … Continue reading

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On winning

Points modestly.

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