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We have a winner!

Congratulations to Massimo for winning the First Annual VWXYNot? Readers’ Choice Comment of the Year Award! Here’s your virtual trophy that you may display on your blog if you choose: and please let me know what you want from Amazon … Continue reading

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Competition updates

I can hardly believe this, but I won the Nature Network poll for best blog post in 2008! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you to everyone who went over and voted for me! Since I’m so awesome, I’ve come up with the following … Continue reading

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Rock the vote!

Just a reminder that votes in the competition only count if they’re entered via the actual poll, in the top right sidebar, just under the kayak photo. If you left a comment saying who you were voting for, but didn’t … Continue reading

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First Annual VWXYNot? Readers’ Choice Comment of the Year* Award!

It’s almost Christmas! I’m feeling much warmer and fuzzier than normal about the whole thing this year, possibly because I essentially missed Christmas Day last time around (stoopid norovirus). And what else makes me feel all warm and fuzzy? My … Continue reading

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UPDATED Blogger Fantasy Hockey League is a go!

Yay! To join, you’ll first need to register for the game here. You can definitely use a pseudonym – I’m playing under username VWXYNot. After you’ve entered your picks, go to the Group Membership page. The group name is VWXYNot … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Cath this weekend?

Guesses in the comments please! I’ll add more photos later if you’re stumped. Second photo now added – people already have the right answer, but I wanted to show you what the rest of the fence looks like!

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Holiday photos

All taken on my phone camera, because while I did take my real camera to the UK, I never actually seemed to have it with me when we went anywhere photogenic. Can you guess the locations of the following photos? … Continue reading

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Shuffle meme – scores and answers

Well, the response was great, especially considering the number of album tracks on there! Thanks everyone who took part, this was a really fun meme! With one point available for each correct song title and band name*, how did everyone … Continue reading

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Predictable limerick competition results

Well, all the entries were great, but as soon as Cuttlefish entered, the result was a foregone conclusion, wasn’t it?! He’s a seasoned and talented pro at this game, and the use of the adjectives “hot” and “gorgeous” didn’t do … Continue reading

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Continued silliness, and a limerick competition!

I’m more often silly than not, And some of the feedback I got,Said to keep being ditzy –It seems that it fits me –So VWXYNot? Don’t worry, there will continue to be an interspersing of silliness amongst my more sensible … Continue reading

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