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Brits! You can buy my book now

“Introducing Epigenetics: A Graphic Guide” is out NOW in the UK. It’s also available for pre-order everywhere else, and will be released on March 14th in the USA and on March 20th in Canada and elsewhere. Links to all major … Continue reading

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And I’m so excited that the cover and the publisher’s page have been finalized so that I can tell you about it at long last! I was approached last year by a commissioning editor from Icon Books, who publish the illustrated Graphic … Continue reading

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Ectopic scribblings

It occurred to me this week that I’ve written various things in other venues that I’ve never linked to from this blog, and that it might be a good idea to compile some sort of list to try and mitigate … Continue reading

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Seems legit

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Facebook rant about Facebook cancer hoax

I just posted the following on Facebook, and thought I’d share it here, too – the wider the news that this is a hoax is disseminated, the better for everyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve seen a Facebook post about cancer circulating among … Continue reading

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The Journal of Anthropomorphism

While browsing journal TOCs in my RSS reader earlier today, I realised that I seem to have subconsciously assigned human personalities to some of the journals I read most frequently. For example: Current Biology is an extrovert who enthusiastically dives into … Continue reading

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There should be an APP for that!

(where APP = Automatic PDF Pusher) I have five browser tabs open to article abstracts, from four different journals. All five articles are currently published as provisional PDFs. All look interesting and/or relevant to my work, but don’t quite tip … Continue reading

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Useful resources for trainees

As part of my new role as the go-to person for everything related to my department’s trainees, I’ve put together a list of resources that I thought some readers might also find useful or interesting. The list is posted at … Continue reading

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The (author)shipping news

(please excuse the rampant self-promotion that follows) Well well well, what do we have here? But wait! There’s more! When I moved from a postdoctoral position to a job in biotech marketing in 2005, I thought my publishing days were … Continue reading

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Scooped – why I have a hard time getting on board with Open Science

Well, now that all the excitement‘s dying down (for now), I finally find myself with enough time and motivation to start writing a follow-up post to the inaugural Science Online Vancouver event, which I attended on a very rainy Thursday … Continue reading

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