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RBO Work

Lots of things going on, but nothing substantial enough for a stand-alone post. So here are some bullets! Having read numerous articles about how bad it is for you to sit all day, even if you’re very active at other … Continue reading

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Bridges on the River Fraser: a bike tour of Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, and Vancouver

When I was training for the Vancouver-Seattle ride last year, my Sunday training usually involved a really nice loop from my house, over the river into Richmond, along River Road, back over the river to New Westminster, and then back through … Continue reading

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Lab-fab abs and post-lab flab

And bend and stretch and rack those tips and run to the water bath to rescue your samples and walk to the fridge to put them away and lift that big heavy bottle of isopropanol onto your bench and run … Continue reading

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Birds of a feather

If I’d been born in the Middle Ages, I would have been lucky to reach adulthood. If I had made it that far, I’d almost certainly have promptly died in childbirth, or from bubonic plague, or something of that nature. … Continue reading

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Blades of glory (with reader poll!)

I went ice skating on Saturday! With people I barely know, for added adventurousness! Well, it was more of a shuffle than a skate, but not bad, considering I’ve only skated three times before: The first time was at primary … Continue reading

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RBO Cycling

I’ve commuted by bicycle almost every day since I started my PhD in 1998. That’s a lot of kilometres, a lot of near accidents, a lot of hills, and a LOT of rain (we’re talking Glasgow and Vancouver here, two … Continue reading

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This rut is NOT the middle ground I’m looking for!

I’m in a real exercise slump at the moment. After the exertion of the ride down to Seattle, and all the training I was doing before that, I thought “I’ve worked hard for a long time and I deserve a … Continue reading

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Steepness in Seattle

Treebeard was wrong: going South does NOT feel like going downhill. (Well, except for the bits that actually were downhill. But some of those bits were really hard, too). But let’s start at the beginning… (BTW this is a really … Continue reading

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I did it!

I got sunburned, soaked to the skin, and (probably) shot at, but I did it! And I wasn’t last to finish! Not even close to last! I have early meetings and late work dinners this week, but I’ll try to … Continue reading

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"How much have YOU done?"

The Ride to Conquer Cancer is now just a few days away! At some ungodly time on Saturday morning I will be off and pedalling on the first of two consecutive 130 km days! Erm, yay? The last few weeks … Continue reading

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