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RBO Work

Lots of things going on, but nothing substantial enough for a stand-alone post. So here are some bullets! Having read numerous articles about how bad it is for you to sit all day, even if you’re very active at other … Continue reading

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The (author)shipping news

(please excuse the rampant self-promotion that follows) Well well well, what do we have here? But wait! There’s more! When I moved from a postdoctoral position to a job in biotech marketing in 2005, I thought my publishing days were … Continue reading

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Scooped – why I have a hard time getting on board with Open Science

Well, now that all the excitement‘s dying down (for now), I finally find myself with enough time and motivation to start writing a follow-up post to the inaugural Science Online Vancouver event, which I attended on a very rainy Thursday … Continue reading

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A very retro seminar

(now that Big Complicated Grant has progressed to the next stage and I can draw breath again, let’s see if I can remember how to write about anything other than hockey!) I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that I … Continue reading

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Portable document FAIL

Provisional PDF of a paper in press from my postdoc lab: Are they editing papers with marker pens now?! Pretty damn foolish…

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Cost to benefit ratios

From today’s RSS feeds: 1) Alilain WJ, Horn KP, Hu H, Dick TE, Silver J: “Functional regeneration of respiratory pathways after spinal cord injury“. Nature 2011: 475: 196-200 (This article also showed up in my BBC science feed, with the … Continue reading

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In teh Grauniad

When I was about 15, our local paper ran a special schools edition. They approached English teachers around the city, asking them to contribute pieces written by local students, and my teacher picked an essay I’d written. The essay was … Continue reading

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Nascent tweet sequences visualise peer review at LOLcat resolution

There’s never a dull moment. Earlier today, I read a paper from Nature titled “Nascent transcript sequencing visualizes transcription at nucleotide resolution*”. The paper describes a very cool new technique that allows you to see gene transcript sequences as they … Continue reading

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Fear o’moans

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now of the publication in Science this week of a study suggesting that pheromones in women’s tears reduce testosterone levels and sexual arousal in men (summarised by Ed Yong here). This is definitely not … Continue reading

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Do The Art, Man!

I’m a big fan of the visual abstracts that many journals have introduced recently (even if they do make scrolling through TOCs in Google Reader like wading through treacle at times); I’m a very visual person, and I find it … Continue reading

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