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Brits! You can buy my book now

“Introducing Epigenetics: A Graphic Guide” is out NOW in the UK. It’s also available for pre-order everywhere else, and will be released on March 14th in the USA and on March 20th in Canada and elsewhere. Links to all major … Continue reading

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Last Saturday:

  Photo taken outside the Trump building. I borrowed the sign from a lovely group of people I met at the march Up next: March for Science (the Vancouver chapter) What I learned from protesting against Harper and his war on science: Take … Continue reading

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Missed opportunity

From my Facebook feed: It should totally be called a beehemoth! Whoever first called it a wasp moth sucks!

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Street signs

My sister and I had very active imaginations when we were kids. We acted out plays with our stuffed animals, pretended we were time travellers, and frequently visited Narnia – but what we really loved was solving mysteries. Fuelled by … Continue reading

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Accelerate the progress of your research by using this one weird old tip!

(Photo and title by Sonja Babovic; used with her permission) Other geeky things that made me laugh recently: Mad science looks pretty similar to normal science As does Lego science  

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A group of geeky colleagues assembled in the lobby after work last night and headed down to Vancouver’s Railway Club for Café Scientifique. This monthly science outreach event encompasses talks about everything from biodiversity to genomics to chemistry to particle … Continue reading

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Where in the world was Cath in November?

Photo quiz time! Can you name the cities in the photos below? Some of these are easier than others (I’ve tried to put the hardest ones first), so extra points if you can also name the building(s) in the photos! I’ll … Continue reading

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Rearranging the desk chairs

Once a fortnight, we have a team meeting in the boardroom of our main research building. It’s a room that’s much in demand, so we often have to wait a few minutes past the hour before we can get in … Continue reading

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Happy Hallowe’en!

From a Teenage Mutant Incompetent Ninja Turtle, and dead-Goose-from-Top-Gun Yes, that’s a saw blade through my belly – like I said, incompetent ninja. I also had a backpack on under the t-shirt to make a shell, but it didn’t come … Continue reading

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Storage space

I found myself waiting alone outside a meeting room at work the other day, while the people in there wrapped up and packed away and the person I was meeting with was fetching a laptop. Looking around me, I noticed … Continue reading

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