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Science and society – Vancouver Change Camp 2013

I have a new post up at Occam’s Corner on the Guardian website today, about how non-scientists can (try to) influence the course of scientific research. As I mentioned over there, the ideas in the post originated and evolved from … Continue reading

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Fight the Future

Last Saturday was my second time at Vancouver Change Camp and, just like the first time, it was a day full of very thought-provoking sessions about how ordinary people can change their world for the better. The last event took … Continue reading

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Bucket List and 2012 Resolutions

Bucket List The plan is to add at least one new item every time I tick one off! Write at least one book (and get it published) Run for political office (and preferably win) Own a boat large enough to … Continue reading

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Scrutiny on the count, eh?

(Long post alert! Sorry!) Regular readers will know all about my passion for politics, a passion that was dampened only slightly by seven years of voteless pre-citizenship residence in Canada and that has ramped up again recently thanks to a … Continue reading

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(“Federal scientist unfairly silenced, union says” – CBC News) I wonder how long this whole social media experiment of direct communication with The People will last… (My favourite comment on the cat photo album: “Please don’t eat this one, Prime … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Linkfest

A quick round-up of what I’ve been reading and listening to! There’s a great article in Current Biology (my all-time favourite journal) this week, titled “Why should biomedical scientists care about biodiversity?”. The authors argue that working on the standard … Continue reading

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RBO Cycling

I’ve commuted by bicycle almost every day since I started my PhD in 1998. That’s a lot of kilometres, a lot of near accidents, a lot of hills, and a LOT of rain (we’re talking Glasgow and Vancouver here, two … Continue reading

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Environmentalist loonies

I recently came across an environmental campaign that is so unique, so creative, and so effective, that it blew me away. This is a Canadian one dollar coin, aka loonie*, featuring an image of a common loon, and also Gavia … Continue reading

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Catho the Sane visits Canadian Tire

In So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish, the fourth of five books in the Hitchhiker trilogy by Douglas Adams, our hero Arthur Dent travels to California to meet a man called Wonko the Sane. Wonko’s house is inside-out, … Continue reading

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Pro-democracy, anti-rogue.

Imagine a leader with George W Bush’s politics, and Tony Blair’s tactical brain. Scary, right? Meet Stephen Harper. Quite possibly the most right-wing Western leader still standing, after the US and Australia saw sense Responsible for Canada being awarded several … Continue reading

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