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Quora: productive procrastination

I’ve recently started to spend some time on the question and answer site Quora, and I’m finding it be quite an effective science communication medium as well as excellent writing practice. I can’t quite remember how I first came to … Continue reading

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Weird critters

I’ve found myself favouriting several similar posts from the “Dropping The Science” RSS feed lately, with no clear idea about what I was going to do with them. So here they are, in all their weird and wonderful glory, for … Continue reading

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Scooped – why I have a hard time getting on board with Open Science

Well, now that all the excitement‘s dying down (for now), I finally find myself with enough time and motivation to start writing a follow-up post to the inaugural Science Online Vancouver event, which I attended on a very rainy Thursday … Continue reading

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A very retro seminar

(now that Big Complicated Grant has progressed to the next stage and I can draw breath again, let’s see if I can remember how to write about anything other than hockey!) I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that I … Continue reading

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FOR I AM ALL-POWERFUL Until this week, I would have said that my super-powers are limited to the following: Locating any spider’s web within a 5 metre radius, using only my face Locating submerged rocks in the ocean, using only … Continue reading

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Book Review: Coils of the Serpent

I came across this book through a rather unusual channel – the author, Raymond Clark Lutz, emailed me after reading one of my blog posts and deciding that I reminded him of one of the characters in his new novel. … Continue reading

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Apparently my country needs me

I may need to head home to sort out these British creationists. Some of the comments on that article are really something: “I’d rather be the product of a creationary God than an evolutionary accident, and so embrace Christianity. I … Continue reading

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Endogenous retroviruses and evolution: redux

While chatting with Propter Doc last week, I realised that most of my current readers weren’t around to witness this blog’s finest hour. Way back in June 2007, I posted an explanation of why a paper of mine that had … Continue reading

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Explaining my scarlet letter

This post has been brewing and fermenting in my mind ever since I added the scarlet A to my blog a few months ago. The A is for Atheist, and you can read about the purpose of the corresponding “Out … Continue reading

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Friday’s Primate Party

ROFL. Good one, dude.I do hope that last week’s casualty was honoured like this anonymous monkey in India. (It seems cruel to stop the other monkeys from taking the body away though). On a much lighter note, the BBC reports … Continue reading

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