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Red Flags in the Dragons’ Den

It’s a well-known fact that watching certain films and TV shows with a scientist is no fun at all – in fact, it’s almost as bad as trying to watch ER with three medical student flatmates, as I did every … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day!

I hope all my Canadian readers are having an awesome long weekend! (And that everyone else had an awesome normal weekend!) Ours has involved spending time with various friends on patios, roller coasters, log flumes, beaches, ocean swims, picnics in … Continue reading

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The medium is the message

I saw the most amazing TED talk the other day, about Nikola Tesla. Now, we all know that Tesla was a fascinating, awesome dude (especially as played by David Bowie IMHO), but in the case of this video it was the … Continue reading

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I only have 15 usable votes so far in the 2012 Comment of the Year award, despite the post having had more than 100 unique hits! Please follow the link to remedy this unacceptable situation, if you have not already … Continue reading

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The joy(ride) of delayed gratification

The first music I loved was my parents’ music – The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, all that. The first music I loved that was my own was, embarrassingly enough, Stock Aitken Waterman pap. In my late teens came Nirvana, Blur, … Continue reading

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Expat: a musical in three acts

Setting: Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom Act I: 54-40 (A whole room full of drunken Canadians is jumping up and down in ecstasy, singing along with every word of every song. Within the crowd is a group of friends, most of whom … Continue reading

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Somewhere there’s a village…

Just in time for the playoffs, a song from CBC’s The Irrelevant Show for all the Canadian hockey fans out there – or indeed anyone whose team, in any sport, has lost any final game in any competition. Awesome.

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On having a heart and using my voice

I recently updated the photo on my UK drivers license, and had the new card sent to my parents’ address. They received it a few weeks ago and couriered it back to me (along with the original marriage certificate I’d … Continue reading

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Because it’s been far too sciencey around here lately

The best Rube Goldberg device I’ve ever seen on the Best of YouTube podcast (and there have been a few): and, inspired by a Twitter conversation with Richard Wintle yesterday about gnus (inspired in turn by someone at work asking … Continue reading

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It has come to my attention that many people are not aware of this simply spectacular song by Fatboy Slim, featuring the substantial vocal talents of Marge Simpson Macy Gray*. This situation is, of course, unacceptable, so please watch this video … Continue reading

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