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Hanging out on corners

I realised this morning that I’ve been delinquent in doing my part to promote an exciting new Occam’s Typewriter venture – a group blog, Occam’s Corner, on the Guardian’s science blogs network. (I did add the feed to the “Latest … Continue reading

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Blogrolling: for the readers among my readers

Judging by the comments on my book review posts, and the book reviews I’ve seen many of you write on your own blogs, there are lots of fiction fans here at Occam’s Typewriter! So I’d like to refer you to … Continue reading

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Mr E Man is not old and stupid…

…just older and stupider* than me! I saw an article on the BBC website on Monday proclaiming that “the secret to a happy marriage for men is choosing a wife who is smarter and at least five years younger than you”. … Continue reading

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The election selection

As one of them pesky foreigners, I don’t think I should say any more than I already have about the US election. Instead I’m going to link to a bunch of excellent posts from around the blogosphere*. (Edit: OK, and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Coils of the Serpent

I came across this book through a rather unusual channel – the author, Raymond Clark Lutz, emailed me after reading one of my blog posts and deciding that I reminded him of one of the characters in his new novel. … Continue reading

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Recipe sniping: appetisers

Two fish courses?! TWO FISH COURSES??!! Are you guys serious?! Seeing as I’m just playing spoiler anyway, I’m not gonna play by those rules. I am a relative beginner in the fish cooking department, and I follow recipes to the … Continue reading

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Aw, you guys!

Part of the reason I find blogging is so addictive is that the feedback is so fast. If only all my other written ramblings could come back with comments so quickly… So it is really, really lovely to have any … Continue reading

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Rings Around The World

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the new additions to my blog roll (because you all watch this page like a hawk, instantly noticing every minor alteration and waiting on the edge of your seats for an explanation, right?). Yep, it’s … Continue reading

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To the bat links!

Busy busy busy. This is what happens when you try to fit a full week’s worth of work into three days and you’ve promised to write posts for two other blogs. So here’s a nice lazy post before I head … Continue reading

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Blog roll…

Mad Hatter’s new brain child, The Alternative Scientist, is now up and running! The blog will focus on alternative (i.e. non-traditional, non-tenure track) careers for scientists. You may spot a familiar name or two in the contributing authors list… While … Continue reading

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