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Book reviews – Knowledge Translation edition

I realised recently that the “everything I used to blog about is now on Twitter or Goodreads instead” trend of recent years means that I never got around to mentioning my new job! After ten years of grant writing and … Continue reading

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Our home internet’s down. It went down on Saturday, and came back on for a few hours on Sunday before the blessed “online” light on the modem went off again. It’s done this a few times before, and always switched … Continue reading

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Never gonna let you down?

I have somehow managed to retain some semblance of a utopian view of science. I don’t mean to say that I’m blind to its flaws or that I’m not at all cynical about it. But I think I’m less cynical … Continue reading

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In praise of bike room buddies and other secret societies

“I just found out who you are!” announced my buddy-whose-name-I-don’t-know. “There’s a photo of you on the alumni wall of my lab! You have different hair and a different name, but it’s definitely you!” This conversation took place in the … Continue reading

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Bridges on the River Fraser: a bike tour of Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, and Vancouver

When I was training for the Vancouver-Seattle ride last year, my Sunday training usually involved a really nice loop from my house, over the river into Richmond, along River Road, back over the river to New Westminster, and then back through … Continue reading

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Let there be lights!

I’ll take even the smallest of victories in this benighted week… Way back in December 2007, I wrote to the city to request a stop light at a dangerous intersection on my bike route; the Ontario Street bike route crosses … Continue reading

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Weekend fun: my next tweet

Many, many thanks to Kimli for alerting me to “That Can Be My Next Tweet!“, a tool that creates mash-ups of bits and pieces of your most recent tweets to create much hilarity. My twitter stream is kinda schizophrenic at … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Linkfest

A quick round-up of what I’ve been reading and listening to! There’s a great article in Current Biology (my all-time favourite journal) this week, titled “Why should biomedical scientists care about biodiversity?”. The authors argue that working on the standard … Continue reading

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The lions ate my punctuality

The NIH may be cracking down on “the dog ate my homework” excuses, but luckily other people are more forgiving. I was ever so slightly late for my own meeting this morning, but everyone accepted my proffered excuses. I’m sure … Continue reading

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2010 Travel Meme

As seen at Silver Fox’s excellent blog, here is a summary of all my 2010 trips (loosely defined!) All my travel was local, but wow, what an awesome year… January We spent Christmas and New Year at my sister-in-law’s up … Continue reading

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