Brits! You can buy my book now

“Introducing Epigenetics: A Graphic Guide” is out NOW in the UK. It’s also available for pre-order everywhere else, and will be released on March 14th in the USA and on March 20th in Canada and elsewhere. Links to all major vendors are available here – or ask your friendly local independent bookstore!

I’ve also set up a Goodreads profile, because I am a proper author now, you know*. Add/follow me/my book!

I received my advance copies on Tuesday, and everything looks fab. It is so cool to actually hold it in my hands after all that work over the last couple of years!



The books I write seem to keep getting smaller (but more interesting)


I had to break it to Saba that she’s not in the book because she’s the wrong kind of cat


You’ll be glad (?) to hear that some of my cheesy puns survived the editing process

This has all been very exciting! I hope you like the book 🙂

*I colleague asked me last week where she could buy the book; I said “Amazon”. “REALLY?!” she replied, somewhat incredulously. I said “Yes! It’s, like, a real book!”

Another colleague then ordered the book while sitting next to me at a symposium. He let me click the “place order” button. I am so cheesy.

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