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“Cracking Cancer” on CBC’s The Nature of Things tonight

Tonight’s episode of CBC documentary series The Nature of Things with David Suzuki features an in-depth look at the BC Cancer Agency’s Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) project, which is exploring the feasibility of sequencing DNA and RNA from cancer cells to … Continue reading

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Conspiracy deathmatch

I realized recently that, in the best tradition of fighting fire with fire, it’s possible to counter some conspiracy theories by invoking other conspiracy theories. The best two examples I’ve come up with so far are as follows: The anti-vaccination … Continue reading

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Excellent juxtapositions make me feel good

The placebo effect is truly fascinating – the top article of this pair describes how it can trigger the release of dopamine in people with Parkinson’s, or opioids in people expecting a painkiller. I hope we can find a way … Continue reading

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Early detection is key

I know size isn’t everything, but this is still very clever (pencil for scale) Bravo, Canadian Cancer Society!

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Facebook rant about Facebook cancer hoax

I just posted the following on Facebook, and thought I’d share it here, too – the wider the news that this is a hoax is disseminated, the better for everyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve seen a Facebook post about cancer circulating among … Continue reading

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Temporospatial trends in germophobia

One of the cultural differences I noticed soon after I moved from Britain to Canada is how people treat you if you say you have a cold or other minor ailment. In the UK, my experience is that friends, family, … Continue reading

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On having a heart and using my voice

I recently updated the photo on my UK drivers license, and had the new card sent to my parents’ address. They received it a few weeks ago and couriered it back to me (along with the original marriage certificate I’d … Continue reading

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If only everyone knew how easy it can be to solve complex, deap-seated medical problems! Looks legit – it’s on Wikipedia, after all. I mean, sure, there’s a disclaimer – but they only have to put those in for legal … Continue reading

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2011 in books

Well, my attempts to form good habits related to my specific 2012 resolutions – plus my ongoing exercise and healthy eating goals – have already been derailed, although the goals themselves are still very achievable. I blame (in chronological order): … Continue reading

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Things to do in ‘couver when you’re weird

These ads that appeared in my Facebook feed the other day confuse and frighten me: I hadn’t realised that breeding grotesquely oversized kittehs was A Thing in Vancouver… or maybe that’s just what happens when you buy breakthrough peptide-based treatments … Continue reading

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