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Resoluquinox: the summer solstice update

Wow, has it been three months already?! I’ve had mixed success with my resolutions: A) CAREERi) do everything I can to make sure I get to stay on in my job after my original two year contract expires in November. … Continue reading

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Modern life is rubbish loud

So I’m loving my podcasts. I signed up for all your suggestions (and then some), and have stuck with most of them. I save the music podcasts for work; to my surprise I’ve found that spoken word works better than … Continue reading

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On the pool

Our local swimming pool seems to have a rule that it must contain at least one creepy old man at any given time. There’s a guy who hangs out in the shallow end, goggles on, but who only ever gets … Continue reading

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A couple of years ago, on a BBC Magazine article about New Year’s resolutions, one commenter opined that New Year is the absolute worst time to make resolutions. He’s right – it’s an arbitrary date, it’s all dark and cold, … Continue reading

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Wardrobe dysfunction

So, yesterday: I got up and changed (#1) into the jeans and sweater I’d been wearing the night before. After breakfast I assessed the road conditions, decided that cycling was an option, and changed (#2) into my cycling gear. I … Continue reading

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Thanks to a bit of a kick in the pants useful advice from Professor in Training, I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasting. (Late adopter, moi?). So I thought I’d share my discoveries, and open up the comments to … Continue reading

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Things you should take with you when you go swimming

Swimming costume (British vocabulary for Kyrsten’s benefit) Towel Plastic bag to put wet stuff in Hair tie and/or swimming cap Contact lens case & solution and/or goggles Change for the locker Of the above eight items, I managed to remember … Continue reading

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My karma is stuck in trafficma

I have to admit to a short-lived bout of extreme smugness today. One of the main bridges bringing commuters into Vancouver is out of commission for the next few weeks, due to fire damage to the wooden (!) trestles under … Continue reading

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RBO being proud of myself

I got up before my alarm. I made a super healthy lunch* for today and tomorrow. I went to the gym early enough that I had time to do 2 rounds of circuits rather than 1. I’m finally starting to … Continue reading

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The soup recipes are up. All three recipes look amazing, but Dr Isis gets my vote this week for having two fabulous recipes, introducing the soup swap idea, and making me splurt out my tea as I laughed at the … Continue reading

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