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Five Books I Wish I Hadn’t Read

Whilst I’m waiting for the new year to fumble around and then enter in a fanfare of bangs, flashes and general destruction of the atmosphere, and as I’ve just failed to do what I wanted with this post, I thought … Continue reading

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The Things Google Brings Up

I’m listening to Radio 3 at the moment, and they’re playing part of a rather fine recording of The Messiah1. I was wondering if it was available for purchase, so googled the record’s code: PHILIPS 420 865-2. Result number 13 … Continue reading

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Um, is there some special holiday today?

From all of us here, myself, The Beast, the wombat, the rabbit, and any other creature that’s kicking around the flat, we hope you will have/are having/have had a jolly Christmas, and that whilst you’re having fun your experiments are … Continue reading

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A Meme I Can Live With

I really should do some more sciency stuff, but it’s almost Christmas, so instead I’ll let myself get sucked into a blog meme, as seen on VWXYNot (hang on, don’t I recognize her from somewhere?) and Grrlscientist.

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Chicken Tales

A week ago I was at a departmental Christmas party. During it they had a quiz, and one question was “Which animal has the longest tail?” The right answer was the giraffe, but one group suggested it was the chicken.

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Finnish Exports Pt. II

This is more education about Finnish Exports, but this time detailing the lengths the Finns go to to make sure they are safe. The wilds of Finland can be dangerous.

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Finnish Exports, Pt. I

I posted this a year ago, but as only about 3 people were reading my blog then, it’s worth re-posting. It’s a short educational piece about one of the major Finnish exports.

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The Economic Crisis Bites

This morning I got a message through Nature Network from a Ms. Mary W.Matsuno of Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa. I suspect some of you got the same message. Here is how it starts:

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Helsinki News

I really must stop making suggestions if I’m not sure how serious I am. People take them seriously.

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More Captions!

I know this is trivial and obvious, but some people seem to think that Nature Networkers aren’t superior to other denizens of the scientific blogosphere. In order to demonstrate this to one fowl witch, I suggested that we compare abilities … Continue reading

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