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Come and work with me in Frankfurt!

We’ve got an EXCITING(!) EXHILARATING(!!) ENTERTAINING(!!!) EXASPERATING(!V) opportunity for someone wanting to do a post-doc in Frankfurt, working in the Data and Modelling group here at BiK-F. I’ll be one of the people supervising the project. The official announcement is … Continue reading

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Today’s quiz: explain the obscure site

Can anyone tell me what is probably so famous about this site, in Essex? The bit of historical interest is next to the houseboat in the centre of the image. View Larger Map If you’re on twitter, or have read … Continue reading

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What’s this?

I’ve just been looking at a bit of central China on Google Maps. This bit: View Larger Map I’m curious what this place looks like. I’m interpreting it as terraces on the sides of a river valley, but that’s an … Continue reading

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What are PhDs for anyway?

A few weeks ago Nature published a piece, which asked “The world is producing more PhDs than ever before. Is it time to stop?”. A couple of weeks later the Royal Institution in London arranged a panel discussion about careers … Continue reading

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Species-area relationships don’t overestimate extinction rates from habitat loss

Today at work we had a journal club about a recent paper in Nature that had caused a bit of a stir. It had suggested that the reason we don’t see as many extinctions due to habitat loss as we’d … Continue reading

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Pleasing News

Last year, my student Crispin defended his PhD thesis. The last papers from his thesis have been appearing. This is good news, obviously, but it gets better.

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Scientia Pro Publica 41: the IgNobel Edition

41? I always fall short when getting to the answer.

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Scientia Pro Publica TOMORROW

I’ve been horribly remiss in advertising Scientia and other carnivals recently, but this one I can’t avoid. Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People) will return to a weekly schedule (we’re getting enough submissions that every 2 weeks is a … Continue reading

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More Sea Ice

This is just too beautiful. From DenialDepot, my favourite climate denialism site (browse their archives to see what I mean), we get this graph, which is elegant in its use of detail.

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Semiotics and Statistics

Semiotics is the study of signs, probably most famous because Umberto Eco wrote a book based around it. One important distinction that semiotics makes is between the sign and the object, i.e. the thing the sign refers to. This distinction … Continue reading

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