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Academic Spam

I’ve just been spammed by the American Chemical Society. The spam starts: Polymorphism Articles from Crystal Growth & Design Based on your previously published work related to polymorphism, we thought you might be interested in these recently published articles: and … Continue reading

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Do We Need a Scientific Literature?

Over at Myrmecos, Alex Wild was musing about blogging about peer-reviewed research. One of his commenters, Psi WaveFunction, commented I don’t get the whole peer review worship going on in the general public as well as academia. It’s almost as … Continue reading

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Something else

This was another post, but I’m not sure what happens when you save rather than publish (there was a bug that screwed things up). I created it as a new post, but thought I’d do something with this one.

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Let’s send Grrlscientist to the Wilds!

Admit it. Next February you all want to read read about the frozen wastes of Antarctica. Well, if you want to help you can. Grrlscientist has entered a competition for a blogger to go on a cruise to Antarctica, and … Continue reading

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(Almost) Earth Day Meme

It was Earth Day on April 22rd, and Mike Dunford started a blog meme around this. As you can see, I am (*ahem*) a bit late on this. I was so late that I decided to do this 2 months … Continue reading

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Hazardous Assassination, eh?

Via Snowflake, and others, and because it’s Saturday, here’s my cyborg name: Get Your Cyborg Name

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Psychologists outsmarted in cats’ test

Someone at The Guardian is trying to stir up conflict. They have an article up that claims that dogs are smarter than cats. a boffin (dressed, no doubt, in a lab coat) tested cats’ abilities to work out how to … Continue reading

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Science Badges Meme: Can you collect them all?

None of us really has anything better to do, do we? So why not follow Grrlscientist’s lead and find out which Science Scouts badges you have earned.

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Has technology gone too far?

I wonder. I’m sat on a bus between Tallinn and Tartu, and yes. It does have its own wifi. Just to prove it, here are some photos:

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Ho Hum

I’m now sat on a ferry going to Tallinn (conference in Tartu, in southern Estonia). It has a wireless connection (yay!), but it’s a bit slow. Which means that the html gets confused. So, the comments in Henry’s latest post … Continue reading

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