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Top Tips for Dealing with the Press

Some things just get funnier and funnier. On Sunday, Ed Yong (who is not exactly a rocket scientist) put something up on Posterous recounting an exchange with a Press Information Officer. Ed had seen a press release, and wanted to … Continue reading

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Ordinal Regression: Data to Order

On Thursday, Eric Michael Johnson tweeted a request for help: Pop Quiz: You have 3 nominal categories of ordinal data collected at 3 separate time intervals. What statistical test is most appropriate? Once I had past my usual bee in … Continue reading

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Some Important and Weighty Stuff in Statistics

(note: to create maximal puzzlement I have cross-posted this at my other blog) Right, now let’s talk about methods for stochastic numerical integration, in particular calculating importance weights. This is a technique that is probably underused, largely because… Why are … Continue reading

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Pleasing News

Last year, my student Crispin defended his PhD thesis. The last papers from his thesis have been appearing. This is good news, obviously, but it gets better.

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