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Buy Some Ecological Methods!

I hope none of you will object to a bit of advertising. I’ve been co-editing1 a special issue of Annales Zoologici Fennici on Methods in Ecological Research. I’ll blog more about it when it comes out, but for now here’s … Continue reading

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I think we all know who is really right.

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What do words mean?

What is a hunter? Usually someone who searches for something. So how about this headline from the BBC, then? US ‘CO2 hunter’ set for lift-off $270m mission seems a lot of money to look for CO 2 – it’s all … Continue reading

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On the Evolution of Porifera

I just received an email through a mailing list about a graduate position in Frankfurt on sponge evolution.

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This morning I received the following text message, at about 9.30am: Hi Bob. I’ll probably be 15 to 20min late. J My reply: OK. Hang on, I’ve forgotten that we have a meeting. What’s it about?

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Darwin WAS wrong

Today’s the day when we all blog and celebrate Darwin. I must admit, though, I have a lot of sympathy for Propter Doc’s position, Darwin was not God, and shouldn’t be treated that way. Especially as David Attenborough is God. … Continue reading

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Skull-crushing Boredom?

I really should be doing some proper work, but I thought I’d pass on a provocative post from a blog I recently discovered about vertebrate palaeontology, and how wonderful it is. By the way (and this s sort-of relevant), I’m … Continue reading

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My present contract runs out this summer, so I’m looking for faculty jobs. So far two of the jobs I’ve applied for have been canceled, thanks to a lack of money. And this week I discovered how competitive the market … Continue reading

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I Am Not Responsible

She is probably assuming he’s normal, though.

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A Valuable Read

Yes, I really should get back to blogging (I came back from the US, and then moved into a new flat for 3 months, whilst the bathroom was replaced). Before I do that, do you want to save $27,000? You … Continue reading

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